Monday, January 31

30 Pieces of Clothing for 30 Days

The style blogs I love to follow are all participating in a "30 for 30" clothing challenge, which started with Kendi Everyday.  I can't believe that I'm going to be able to complete this challenge, but I'm certainly ready to experiment.  Read more about the 30 for 30 here.


Learning to Ski

When I told Erik that I wanted to start a blog, the first thing he told me was that he thought it was a great idea.  His second comment? "Don't embarrass me!!"

Well, Erik, I hope this doesn't embarrass you, but I know a whole lot of great skiers out there who would truly appreciate the opportunity to watch your (developing) skills.  Cheers to your second ski trip, ever... it was a major success!!

Sunday, January 30

Starting Up Some Style Posts

For the past several months, I have (somewhat obsessively) followed style blogs.  Some of my favorites include:

These blogs are a fun way to enjoy (aka steal) fabulous style ideas, and so I'm jumping in head first on this bandwagon.  Here is my very first post on personal style!

While I'm fairly certain that I have already mastered the sly side look, the blurry photography, weird fingers, and bizarre outfit have a long way to go.  Nevertheless, this is my first attempt at sharing the clothes on my back.  By far, my favorite purchase in a loooong time includes these Steve Madden boots. What's so cool about them? Well according to Steve Madden, they are tsunami safe. 

Saturday, January 29

Valentine's Day ASPCA Photo Contest

The ASPCA is hosting a Valentine's Day photo contest for your favorite furry/hairy/feathery love of your life.  I'm sure that I have some friends and family members out there who love to photograph their pets as much as I do, so perhaps you're interested in submitting a photo!  I have way too many pics to choose from, but I can't help thinking that the love in this photo deserves some kind of wacky prize...

Let's Start at the Very Beginning, A Very Good Place to Start...

Starting a blog is a little overwhelming, and the fact that no one will read this but anyone can read this makes the process a little frightening and sort of hilarious.  

I guess I could begin by justifying my reasons for starting a blog, but that's boring and far too serious. I'd rather just tell you that I plan to inform this infinite-blog-universe about my daily encounters, struggles, and laughs.  Most likely, you'll simply read about my questionable fashion sense, love for suburban life and cooking, and serious obsession with my pets. YAY for you!