Friday, February 15

Some Happy News

Oooh dear, blogs are hard.  Life just keeps getting in the way of my writing about life!  But I won't give up.  No.. definitely not giving up.

The past few months have resulted in so many ups and downs, it's time to start sharing.  After getting married last August, the fall was filled with many emotional challenges, including some major heartbreak.  My father was diagnosed with some very major medical issues, and we had to mourn the loss of Erik's beautiful aunt as well as our beloved dog.  Our hearts were, and still are, broken.  The end of 2012 was almost a relief, and we were ready for some positive moments in our lives.

So over the past several weeks, we've had some very happy news that is so much easier to share.  We adopted a new puppy and bought a house!  Big, beautiful moments that have brought so much happiness to our lives.

For now, we pack.  And pack and pack.  Our closing date is quickly approaching!  And in between packing, we cuddle and wrestle and walk around town with our baby girl, Emma.  As I continue on with this hectic life, here are a few Instagram-ed moments from the past month.  Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine's Day, yesterday!