Tuesday, February 28

Bear with Me

Jacket, Shirt, Leggings: Gap
Sunglasses: Loft Outlet
Scarf: Loft
Bag: H&M

Bare with me everybody, it's been a hectic time.  I've been trying hard to juggle concert time at work, constant wedding planning distractions, and all of the other commitments that have been filling my days.  I'm coming back to the blogging world soon, I swear!  I even have a few wedding ideas to share with all of you... mostly because I have commitment issues with my decisions at hand and I could really use some advice.

In the mean time, I hope you can stand a boring on-the-go weekend outfit.  I basically lived in some version of this outfit from Friday-Sunday.  Inspiration has been lacking :(

Saturday, February 18

Laugh a Little

Has anyone else seen this commercial recently?   I can't. stop. laughing.  

Thursday, February 16

A Nice Blouse

When I wore my new H&M top to work yesterday, I had one student in particular who just loved it.  I couldn't stop laughing because he kept admiring it and asking if it was silk.  

It is a very nice blouse, I must admit.  Not silk, but oh well.

Blouse, Trousers & Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Macy's
Navy Flats: Steve Madden
Gold Watch: Michael Kors

Tuesday, February 14

Everybody Everywear: Pink and Red

I've already worn this skirt to death, in real life and in blog photos, but I couldn't resist pulling it out again for Valentine's Day.  Sorry to bore you, folks.  Maybe I'll get sick of this skirt by next February.

On another note, I'm happy to finally participate in another Everybody Everywear today.  Hop on over to their site and check out the other lovely ladies participating.  And if you'd like to see my posts from the past, check them out here: Colored Tights, Pattern Mixing, Thrifting, Yellow, Lace, Florals, and Maxi Dress
Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

Skirt: Loft
Oxford & Belt: Gap
Scarf & Boots: Macy's

Thursday, February 9

Chunky Sweater

Big chunky sweaters aren't always the most flattering thing to put on your body, but there are plenty of other reasons to love them.  This one has a strange short sleeve going on, so it feels a little poncho-like. I had to go with my new favorite t underneath of this thing... along with my favorite black pajamas dress pants.

Sweater & Earrings: Loft
Pants: Gap
T-shirt: Gap
Boots: Macy's

Wednesday, February 8

Busier than Usual

Shame on me, shame on me.  Blogging has been on the back-burner lately, and I only have a few lame excuses.  This weekend, I was busy with wedding planning errands and then became distracted by the one and only football game I watch each year.  

I've also been forcing myself to make use of a new gym membership... and we recently began weekly dancing lessons!  Add late work hours to this, and this girl is far busier than usual.  
Belt: Target
Boots: Macys
Blouse & Skirt: Loft
Watch: Michael Kors

Friday, February 3

Coal Miner's Granddaughter

I could just not pull myself together this week and photograph my outfits... or put more than 2 minutes of thought into any of them.  For that reason, I'm going to start the weekend off with some photos from a little trip I took over my winter vacation.

These pictures were taken in Western Pennsylvania this past December.  I grew up in coal mining country (no I'm not a coal-miner's daughter, but I am a coal miner's niece/great-niece/granddaughter/friend, etc.)  

While I was visiting my parents, I had a little itch to take a ride out to my grandfather's childhood home.    It's a small village not far from where I grew up, but I had only been there once as a young child, so I had been wanting to go back and explore.  This little town came-to-be only because of the coal mine that was once there.  All of the houses are built in patches, and as you drive around, you can clearly see where the miners lived and where the bosses lived.  There are lots of abandoned bridges, train tracks and coke ovens.  That specific mine is long gone, but in this photo I'm standing in front of an old coke oven.  I think they are scary and beautiful all at the same time.  I was fascinated by them as a kid, and now at 28 I finally took some time to explore them.

Here is a photo of Brownsville, PA, which is a big town in the area.  From this view you can see the Monongahela River.

So there you have it... not exactly style blog worthy, but a look into my little world.  If you want to know any details about what I was wearing in the first pic, you can find that here.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 1

Time Wasted

My schedule doesn't always allow time for photos during optimal daylight.  I thought that a few pictures at 7am might work today, but instead it was an epic fail.

I have nothing for you today... but one sad fake flower,  pinned to his cardigan friend.

Have you ever managed to cram a few photos into your busy day, only to find out later that it was just a  big waste of time?

Cardigan and Pin: Loft
Unseen Pieces:  A striped long-sleeve t-shirt, cropped black pants, & black flats