Saturday, December 31

Goodbye, 2011

I just started this blog at the beginning of 2011.  I wanted to hold myself accountable for putting some thought into what I wear, and loved following so many other blogs, it just seemed like an easy way to keep track of my wardrobe.

So on the last day of this year, I'm looking back on some of my favorite outfits from 2011.  Really..this post is for me, so next year, I can just mimic, adjust, and occasionally repeat.  Maybe.  Unless I get back into that nasty shopping habit again...







Thursday, December 29

A Christmas Outfit

It's sort of a crime that these pictures came out so dark.  This is one of my favorite outfits that I've pulled together in quite a long time.  It's classic and a little dressy, and I love the bold necklace and the bright blue pants.  I didn't really have a legit reason to dress up on Christmas... most of my family doesn't do it, but I'm happy I came up with an outfit that I can re-wear (over and over and over)!

 Blazer: Gap
Clutch: H&M
Top: Ann Taylor
Heels: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Guess Outlet

Wednesday, December 28

A Holiday Away

We just returned from our Holiday away... what a great few days!  Here is a picture of E and I on Christmas Eve afternoon, just before our big dinner with his family.

On Erik:
Pants, Belt & Velvet Blazer: Gap
Tie: Geoffrey Beene
Shirt: Calvin Klein

On Me:
Dress: Vintage
Blazer: Gap
Heels: H&M
Necklace: Guess
Earrings: InPink 

Friday, December 23

Holiday House 2011


Here are a few snapshots of some things I changed up around the house for the holidays.  Our tree is beautiful and fragrant, I've gone poinsettia crazy, and we took the wild plunge into colored lights this year.  (I usually love the white lights, but I thought that the colored bulbs might compliment our abundance of vintage things.)

Our stockings are in the dining room... because, sadly, we have no mantle.  

When our first few Christmas cards arrived, I started hanging them in the kitchen and added some ornaments.

Erik borrowed his parent's beautiful vintage Lionel.  We didn't set it up around the tree because of our crazy kitty, so we just displayed the cars around the house.

And speaking of crazy kitty... this girl loves messing with this vintage doily.

She also happens to think that we decorate a tree every December simply for her own enjoyment...

And after decorating a few weeks ago, we took a walk into town.  I know I always comment on loving the suburbs, but I can't help it.  Our town just really knows how to do Christmas.  Music along main street, snow machines, carolers...  Here are a few photos of the fire department's annual parade.

We're going to take another stroll into town for some dinner and music on this Christmas Eve Eve.  Tomorrow, the celebrating really begins!

Thursday, December 22

Fall 2011 Recap





Today is the first day of winter, and so I'm spending some time looking back through this past fall season.  I started another year of teaching, and have been working my tail off since September.  I'm doing my internship for my Master's, and I had been deep into wedding planning until the holidays became a major distraction.  Other than that, nothing too eventful has happened this season.

Regarding my outfits, I don't have much to say about these styles... except that they seem to be all over the place.  I've been obsessed with skirts/dresses and my brown boots, but that's been going on for years.  Other than that, I'm happy to look back and see lots of color.  I actually wish I had played up the fall color palette a little more... but for now, I'll just focus on keeping a bright and cheery winter wardrobe over the next few months.

Happy winter, everyone, and happy holidays too!