Sunday, June 24

Birthday Bridal Shower

An amazing bridal shower/birthday weekend, the end of my school year coming up next week, and many other busy moments in my life have been keeping me from this blog.  But I refuse to wave the white flag.  Next weekend marks the beginning of my summer vacation, and I'm promising to get back on track with some well-planned outfits.

In the mean time, settle for a picture of a dress I purchased months ago from Banana Republic.  I loved this dress so much, I knew it had to be saved for something very special.  

Dress: Banana Republic
Heels: Nine West
Pearl Earrings & Pearl Bracelet: Ross Simons
Bow Bouquet: My beautiful family and friends


  1. You look so beautiful! Love the dress and I hope you had a great time at your shower!


  2. This dress is so beautiful!!! I've owned a few white lacy dresses in my time, and have NEVER worn them. I guess that I've just never found the right occasion... like, getting married. lol 
    Many happy birthday and wedding wishes to you!