Friday, August 10

Wedding Planning: 2 Weeks to Go

The past few months have been a total whirlwind for me.  I have been on vacation from work since June 30th, but somehow I've done very little "vacationing."  How do people seriously put together a wedding and work full time?   I can't even manage to photograph an outfit for this blog!

The truth is, I brought this upon myself.  I took on the responsibility of planning this wedding allllmost entirely on my own.  But before I complain too much, I should first give credit where credit is due.  Erik has been the wedding contracts attorney and chief negotiator among vendors...and basically the best assistant to me that I could possibly ask for.  My mother and sister have dealt with far too many phone calls and text messages about ridiculously insignifant details, and they along with my aunt have become the cooks/bakers for this event.  My mom and sister have spent countless hours canning jars of jam, and my sister and aunt will be baking not one wedding cake, but 6 cakes, a few dozen cupcakes, and dozens upon dozens of cookies.  (Someone please tell them that only 120 people are coming!)  Other than those major pieces of the puzzle, I have taken on the role of researching and purchasing items, planning every over-analyzed part of the decor, and organizing all of the details with our vendors.

Am I finished yet?  A lot of people continuously ask me this question.  And the truth is, NO.  No, and I'm not going to be until the day is here.  My to-do list is slowly but surely shrinking, but never fast enough.  Can I even begin to go into any details yet?  No.  Simply put, I can't interrupt the chaos that is going on in my brain right now.

Excited?  Absolutely.  Nervous?  Not at all.

Some family photos we'll be sharing at the reception:
My parents' wedding day, 1976

My grandparents' wedding day, 1930-something

My aunt and me, holding my sister, 1987

My grandparents' anniversary, 1940

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