Sunday, September 18

The Ring

Three weeks ago, Erik managed to surprise me with a beautiful proposal.  I've already shown off my favorite new accessory on this blog, but I wanted to share the road we took to having a ring made, especially since we took an untraditional approach by choosing the ring together.

When we began talking about rings earlier this year, I quickly realized how big of a style choice I was making.  I started thinking about all of the different types of jewelry I love to wear, and it made me a bit of a committment-phobe to wearing one ring for the rest of my life.  I wanted to have a ring that would work with any other piece of jewelry I might be wearing.

Ultimately I decided I wanted a ring that showed very little metal and something that was somehow untraditional, even though we were still using diamonds as the stones.  I also decided that one special ring instead of 2 rings was the way to go for me, so we mixed a wedding band and an engagement ring together, and voila! ... this is how it turned out:

This spring, when we knew that we were finally in the perfect place in our lives to move forward, my aunt gifted me a beautiful necklace so that I could have several diamonds to use for a ring.

We found a jeweler who would make a ring with these stones.  I provided him with a photo of an eternity band I found online, and he took us through the entire process of making the ring.  We saw the ring as a plastic mold, and then again as the gold setting without any diamonds.  After that, I had to sit tight and wait patiently for Erik to share it with me!

So in this world of personal-style blogging, how many of you are wearing a ring that you chose yourself?  If so, what process did you go through to decide which ring was right for you.... and was it a tough decision or quick and easy???  

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