Tuesday, October 25

One Bow After Another

I started follow Saucy Glossie's sweet style after she was featured on the TJ Maxx commercial, and I just love what she puts together.  Yesterday I was so excited to see her wear the same coat that I recently purchased at H&M, and then when I started admiring her tights, I realized that I was crazy for letting a similar remain in my closet....unworn!

I'm not quite on the same level as this stylish lady... my shoes are cheap, I have no fancy hats, and my almost-nighttime pictures are more than just unfortunate.  BUT, at least I've got the coat.  Win.

Watch: Michael Kors
Heels: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Anne Klein via DSW Shoes
Bag: Madi via Marshal's (several years ago)
Coat: H&M (and yes, the adorable bow a belt that comes with the coat)

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