Monday, November 14

A Weekend with the Girls

This past weekend was tiring, stressful, and totally and completely wonderful.  I met up with my aunt, mother and sister to spend some quality time together in New York.  Luckily my aunt lives in Brooklyn, so making a few visits to Manhattan for some dress shopping was pretty reasonable.  

This is certainly no wedding blog, so for those of you who want the abbreviated version, here it is: 2 stores. Found a dress. No Kleinfelds. No tears.  (Well, almost some tears, but not quite.)

The unabridged version goes like this:

On my first day of dress hunting, we visited one discount bridal store called RK Bridal on 39th Street.  It didn't require an appointment, and my sister had already been to the place once before with a friend.  I was very prepared to not have a fancy schmancy experience... yet I still managed to be underwhelmed.  The consultation lasted about 25 seconds and included a glance at a few of my photos.  The woman told me she couldn't help me with those gowns because I didn't know the designers, and then that was the end of that.  She brought out probably about 10 different gowns, and let. me. tell. you.... the beginning was a rough start.  I thought I might get a little emotional over putting a gown on for the first time.  Instead, I lasted about 5 seconds in front of the mirror before running back into the room.

Luckily the consultant quickly geared the dresses more towards an appropriate fit for my body type, and I really fell in love with 2 gowns.  They were both exactly what I thought I didn't want:  strapless and satin.  I left, empty-handed, but prepared to return the next day to re-try the one I really loved.  

(Love= liking the dress)
(Really love=liking the dress and the price tag)

I got a good night's sleep and really started looking forward to my next appointment at the Wedding Atelier, which is on 5th Ave in the Flatiron District.  I knew it would be a lot more upscale and even though I was unsure about finding something affordable, I was desparate to have a woman with a vision of what I wanted.  That morning, I put on a favorite outfit that felt very "me," and went right back into Manhattan.  

To my very pleasant surprise, my consultant at Wedding Atelier (also named Renee) took one look at my outfit and said, "I think I might have an idea of what you want."  She let me browse, then talked and really listened to what I had to say.  I told her about the dress that I loved from the day before and to my surprise she said, "Oh, yeah! We have that dress too!" 


So I tried on a few very different styles, and then put on my dress that was also in the first store.  I tried on a few more.. and then went right back to the other one.  

We played a lot with accessories, and Renee had an amazing eye for what I really wanted.  So what is it that I want?  A dress that gives me options!  I really wanted to find something that I could wear 2 ways.  I change my outfits at least twice a day at home... so how could I possibly commit to one look on my wedding day?  With this dress that I found, I can have 2 completely different looks.  The gown is strapless and fitted, and I am going to have so much fun when I return for my accessories appointment.  

I would show pictures to the world if I could, but I hear that a bride is supposed to keep things a secret.  So for now, I wait. But only another 285 days!

Sister Sister

My Sister
Driving in NYC...blah!
Freedom Tower 

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