Saturday, July 7

At the Drive-In

I can't believe my first week of summer vacation has already come to an end!  I had a busy week, filled with teaching piano lessons, visiting the neighborhood pool, enjoying the fireworks, hanging out with family and friends, and having a fun night at the drive-in.

Apparently there is only one drive-in movie theater that remains in New Jersey, which is so sad.  Where I grew up, in rural Pennsylvania, we have several different local drive-ins, and visiting one was a regular event on summer nights.  So after years of missing out on the nostalgia, Erik and I finally made the drive to watch Brave and Spiderman on the big screen.  Fried food and warm weather put me to sleep before the end of the second movie, but it was such a great time, I'm looking forward to going back again.

So this outfit isn't terribly exciting, but it's all I have from this past week.  It was super comfortable for our movie night, and fit into my week-long red/white/blue outfits.  

Button Down: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Gap
Espradilles: Target

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