Sunday, July 15

Wedding Shoes

It's been a longer than normal shoe-shopping process.  First I started with these:

Then considered these:

And finally settled on these:

Officially the first purchase I ever made that put a skip in my step.  

It also feels pretty good to finally stop shopping for shoes....for a while.


  1. Just gorgeous!!!

    I ALMOST took you off my favorites because it's been so long since you've posted, but I know your wedding is coming up and you're probably crazy busy. Will you show us pics of your wedding and honeymoon? I've been married 21 years so I have to live vicariously through you!

  2. Hi Kathy!  I'm so sorry about my absence, I'm certainly going to commit more to this blog as soon as I can get through this busy time!  Because I'm a teacher with my summers off, I put a lot of our wedding details off until my summer vacation.  So now, even though I'm not working, I'm super busy with the wedding.  To top off my own wedding plans, I'm going to be a bridesmaid in September and again in October... yikes it's been a busy time!

    Anyway, I'm glad to post some wedding details.  In fact, it makes me feel a little more accomplished when I can talk about something I've actually finalized :)

    Thanks so much for reading, and of course I'll be sharing some photos of our big day!