Sunday, December 16

In Honor of Browny

Dear Friends,

In honor of my sweet Browny, I am working to raise money for a local animal shelter.  This shelter introduced me to a best friend over 7 years ago.  My life, and so many other lives, changed for the better by having Browny in it.  Losing him last week has left me devastated and heartbroken.  He was the most loyal and committed dog I've ever known, and he filled our lives with so much love and happiness.

If you, too, have experienced the incredible, beyond-words type of love that an animal can give, then please consider helping me raise the money I need to help the Animal Rescue Force.  It would help to heal my broken heart, and mean the world to me to help them out this holiday season!


Please Click Here to Make a Donation!


  1. My heart breaks for you.  So sorry to hear about your sweet, furry friend.  I wish our dogs had more time with us this Earth.  I try to appreciate each and every moment with my girl (even when she rolled in something stinky last week on one of our walks), because I know her time with me will be far too short for my liking.

  2. Anna, I can't thank you enough for your kind words and donation.  Through my grief, I find so much comfort in knowing that I can provide some help to other animals who are looking for a home.  Enjoy your little girl!!