Saturday, February 26

Day 17

Mmmmmmmm, mustard!! While I despise the condiment, I love the color!  My favorite thing to do is pair it with another bold color... especially this berry-colored jewelry.  Then, voila!... berries and mustard, the perfect pair.   Okay, the food connection isn't really what had me smiling so big in these photos.  I actually couldn't stop laughing because we had just seen a minivan drive by that was covered in flame decals.  

So I ask you this... 
What's worse?  Berries in mustard, or flames on a minivan? Discuss.


  1. I found your blog via allthingsgd.

    Cute outfit! I like the necklace with the mustard :)

    Your which is worse...berries in mustard for sure! I wouldn't be driving that minivan anyway, so that's beside the point, but I'd be angry if you ruined my berries!

  2. Thanks! I absolutely love reading AllThingsGD, and I'm glad you checked out my blog as well!


  3. Very cute cardigan :)Oh and I would just hate berries in my mustard :P