Thursday, February 10

Day 8

Blazer: Ann Taylor Loft // Scarf: Gap // Shirt: H&M // Pants: Gap // Belt: Gap  // Boots: Macy's  // Ring: Vintage

This blazer is THE BEST when it's in full force, but it's okay like this too.  It has a wonderful faux fur collar that is removable.  It's actually the first time that I ever bought faux fur, and I've certainly never purchased any real fur.  As a proud vegetarian, I never realized that I might have an issue with wearing the faux fur collar, but after a few weird looks (and a lot of paranoia) I realized that faux or not, I'm not totally comfortable in it unless I can walk down the street yelling, "It's FAAAAUUUUXXX, people, RELAX!"

...and I just can't do that.

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