Wednesday, April 27


I decided to play with the color of these photos just because this outfit is color-boring. Yes, color-boring. Black and beige? No Spring-time pink? Only on my nails.

I suppose I was feeling particularly un-inspired last Saturday when we had to get up early to beat the rush at the motor vehicle agency.  Renewing your license stinks...but I went in there fully dressed and ready to ace my new picture.  Then the lady told me I could keep my old pic, and I screamed, "Yes!" (That's a lie, I didn't actually scream.)  

I'm pleasantly surprised that she let me keep the old photo, and I've convinced myself that it is a sign that I have not aged a bit from 23 to 27.  Unfortunately, my next license renewal will be when I'm in my 30s... so I might not be so lucky.

{Shirt & Capris: Gap // Shoes: Loft // Jacket: H&M // Necklace: F21}

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