Saturday, April 30

New Petunias and Old Stripes

 {Sweater: LOFT // T-shirt: H&M // Jeans: Gap // Glasses: Warby Parker // Bag: Vintage}

Wednesday, April 27


I decided to play with the color of these photos just because this outfit is color-boring. Yes, color-boring. Black and beige? No Spring-time pink? Only on my nails.

I suppose I was feeling particularly un-inspired last Saturday when we had to get up early to beat the rush at the motor vehicle agency.  Renewing your license stinks...but I went in there fully dressed and ready to ace my new picture.  Then the lady told me I could keep my old pic, and I screamed, "Yes!" (That's a lie, I didn't actually scream.)  

I'm pleasantly surprised that she let me keep the old photo, and I've convinced myself that it is a sign that I have not aged a bit from 23 to 27.  Unfortunately, my next license renewal will be when I'm in my 30s... so I might not be so lucky.

{Shirt & Capris: Gap // Shoes: Loft // Jacket: H&M // Necklace: F21}

Monday, April 25


My aunt took us to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this Easter, and it was beautiful...but HOT! I snapped a few fun photos... but I would like to return later in the summer when there is even more color (and shade) around!

I have a few vague memories of my last visit to this garden.  It was the early '90s, and thanks to a few old photographs, I know that my visit included a hot pink jacket and one giant perm.  While I didn't feel especially chic in this current outfit, at least it was a few steps above my previous ensemble.

T-shirt & Belt: Gap // Denim Shirt: H&M // Sandals: UO // Skirt: LOFT

Sunday, April 24

Easter in Brooklyn

Jacket: UO // Shirt & Pants: Ann Taylor Loft // Shoes: Nine West // Sunglasses: RayBan

We are spending the Easter weekend in Brooklyn with my very special aunt and uncle.  This day is filled with so much warmth and sunshine, we've decided to head off to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to enjoy some flowers other than the tulips in front of my family's house.  More flower photos to come!

Monday, April 18

Sugar and Oil

My lack of posts have not occurred, in any part, because I'm losing interest in the world of blogging.  Certainly not!...I'm just busy right now.  Very very busy.  Although I work full-time, I'm also taking classes each semester to complete my master's degree, and let's just say, the end of this semester is  I have had SO much work to do that it has consumed all of my free time.  

So this Sunday, when I was tied to the kitchen table, surrounded with too much information regarding charter schools and policy books, Erik was on his own.  He wanted to pick up another suit from Macy's, so for the first time in the history of our relationship, he ventured off to the mall... all by himself.  That's right.  Totally alone. 

Later that night, I noticed an unopened bag.  Looking inside, I saw a giant tub of body scrub and some lotion.  "What's this?!" I asked, thinking/hoping that maybe it was a nice little present for me! 

E: Oh, yeah.  Well, I don't want to talk about it. This nice girl tried to sell me something, so I ignored her.  Then she told me I was being rude, so I had to give in and buy something.  
R: So, you bought something from her because she called you rude?  How much did you spend?
E: I don't want to talk about it.
R: Erik, I'm just curious...what did she talk you into spending?
E: Well, it's really good for my cuticles and you're always telling me that my cuticles look terrible so...
E: $40.
R: Omg. You are such a sucker.

So what's the point in sharing this nonsense with you?  I'll shop 'til I drop for clothing, but you're not ever going to see me come home with a $40 container of body scrub.  Here's a fun and super easy recipe for making your own scrub!

  • 1/4 cup Brown Sugar
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin Olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon Aloe vera gel

See? That's it! Sugar and oil, people. Sugar and oil. For 40 bucks.

Wednesday, April 13

Everybody Everywhere: Maxi Dress

Maxi Skirt/Dress | Everybody, Everywear

 Dress: NY & Co. // Blazer: Gap // 
Necklaces: J.Crew, F21, Ann Taylor Loft
New Glasses: Warby Parker

As you can SEE (pun intended), I have some new specs!

After weeks of deliberation about finding the perfect pair, I took the advice from 2 lovely blogs, Preppy with a Twist and Kendi Everyday, and committed to some Warby Parker frames.  This company can't possibly make the purchase any easier.  For $95, you get the glasses shipped to you in a few days, and a pair donated... nice work, Warby!

Saturday, April 9

Balloon Shirt

Erik calls this a balloon shirt, and he hates it.  Yeah, I get it, it's got strange proportions...but I remain undeterred.  If he can buy a new Stratocaster and force me to listen to his musical ramblings for hours upon end on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, then I can wear a slightly "balloon-like" shirt that he hates.  In fact, I'm so annoyed with the Black Keys rip-offs coming from our basement, I just might have to buy a second balloon shirt.

 Shirt & Bracelet: Ann Taylor Loft // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Nine West

Tuesday, April 5

4 Kinds of Mushrooms, 1 Fabulous Soup

Mushrooms, of all kinds, are the best.  I like them grilled, sauteed, baked, raw, and especially soup-ified!  For most soups, I look at a few different recipes, copy down the list of ingredients, and then proceed to not follow it at all.  That is precisely what took place while making my most recent batch of cream of mushroom soup.

To start, I raided the mushroom selection at my local Wegman's:
I can't possibly give you an accurate measurement of anything involved in the making of this soup, so I'm simply providing photography that should help.  I started with a package of white mushrooms, baby portabella, shitake, and oyster mushrooms.

In my pot, I sauteed onion, garlic and parsley in olive oil, then coarsely chopped some of the oysters, shitakes and baby bellas, because I love big pieces of mushrooms in this soup.  I accidentally overcooked  the mushrooms, and they started to stick to the pot, so I quickly added some port, which not only pulled everything off of the bottom of the pot, but also ended up being the perfect addition of flavor to this soup!

All of the remaining mushrooms went into my food processor with a few spoonfuls of vegetable broth, just to make it easy to mix.

I added several cups of the vegetable broth to the sauteed goodies, then added the mushroom paste.

After bringing the brothy soup to a boil, I added 2 small containers of heavy cream.  I love the creaminess of the soup, but it isn't thick enough on its own... so in goes a few tablespoons of corn starch.  The corn starch thickens soup much easier than flour, just remember to mix it with some water before putting it directly into the soup.

I let the soup simmer for about a half an hour, and that was it!

This was one of the most robust soups I've ever had.  Some might say I went a little overboard on the amount of mushrooms...but it was realllllly amazing!  

Saturday, April 2

An Extra Special Saturday

Sweater: Shop in Hong Kong // T-shirt: H&M // 
Jeans and Shoes: Gap // Bag: J.Crew

I celebrated the arrival of April with extra bright colors while E and I did the most average, suburban, boring-couple-who-owns-a-home (even though we don't own a home) thing that any 2 people could do on their Saturday... we went to Ace Hardware and Home Depot.  Then we made a thrilling stop at Subway.  You know, just to make it an extra special Saturday.  

Tonight's agenda?  We just might be total rock stars and hit the bowling alley. YES.