Tuesday, February 28

Bear with Me

Jacket, Shirt, Leggings: Gap
Sunglasses: Loft Outlet
Scarf: Loft
Bag: H&M

Bare with me everybody, it's been a hectic time.  I've been trying hard to juggle concert time at work, constant wedding planning distractions, and all of the other commitments that have been filling my days.  I'm coming back to the blogging world soon, I swear!  I even have a few wedding ideas to share with all of you... mostly because I have commitment issues with my decisions at hand and I could really use some advice.

In the mean time, I hope you can stand a boring on-the-go weekend outfit.  I basically lived in some version of this outfit from Friday-Sunday.  Inspiration has been lacking :(


  1. yuck, no inspiration STINKS. you look oh so cute in your "no inspiration" outfit though!

  2. nice casual/ Hope to hear wedding plans/ideas soon!

    Inside and Outside Blog 

  3. Love this look! Sometimes my favorite blogger looks are the weekend looks!