Wednesday, February 1

Time Wasted

My schedule doesn't always allow time for photos during optimal daylight.  I thought that a few pictures at 7am might work today, but instead it was an epic fail.

I have nothing for you today... but one sad fake flower,  pinned to his cardigan friend.

Have you ever managed to cram a few photos into your busy day, only to find out later that it was just a  big waste of time?

Cardigan and Pin: Loft
Unseen Pieces:  A striped long-sleeve t-shirt, cropped black pants, & black flats


  1. Story of my life! Its like the only time I can take pictures is on the wknd. If I get up early I rush to get a quick, fashionable photo lol.
    Don't be discouraged, it happens to all of us.


  2. I like the flower and his cardigan friend. :) Yeah, I'm dependent on friends and colleagues to take my pictures so when one of them is not able to do it during the day, I tend to get desperate, and will ask anybody just to take a couple of shots. What was the fail? Not as good as you would like? Or just not useable at all?

  3. I'm new at blogging and I have done a lot of pictures that look horrible. I'm hoping it gets easier!

  4. It's hard to always have someone around to take them!  I used a tripod this morning, only to find out that they were either too dark or blurry... with the exception of this close-up.  I just wish I could be more consistent and share outfit photos every day.

  5. I hear you! Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and it's not always consistent. I look at it this way: there are good days and bad days...sometimes more than others. But you know what? There's always another week or another day. We may run out of time, but we could never run out of days, right?