Monday, April 2

Double Dots

I figured that I probably shouldn't double up the dots and mismatch my shoes, but I just liked the strange combo and so I stuck with it.  Polka dots make me happy, and after I spent a few hours this weekend looking for sheer polka dot fabric for wedding table cloths, it must have seeped deep into the "what to wear to work" side of my brain this morning.

By the way... I'm in desperate need of finding this fabric!  Helpppp!

Blouse, Pants, Pin: H&M
Watch: Fossil
Flats: Gap


  1. Super cute pin!

  2. You are just too adorable!  I am totally crushing on your feminine, vintage style.  You really do ROCK!  :)

  3. I just read about a site on another blog where you can design your own fabric, let me find the link...

    Maybe not for a ton of tablecloths, but napkins or something else small?