Wednesday, April 11

Pardon My Absence, it's Spring Break!

Why hello, world... you sure look a little brighter when I'm enjoying a week of vacation!  The past several days have been computer-limited, but certainly fun-filled.  

Over the weekend, I met up with my family and spent Easter in Brooklyn.  My aunt gifted Erik and I front row seats to the revival of Evita, which was so fantastic.  Sitting three feet in front of Ricky Martin was exciting... the entire cast was absolutely great!  The show was so compelling, I even forgot to pull out my camera at the end for some close-ups :(

My sis and I made a second trip into Manhattan the following day to revisit my wedding gown.  I had an accessories appointment, which was fun and overwhelming.. and very exciting.  I bought 2 pairs of earrings from a great little jewelry store in the fashion district.  If any brides out there are looking for jewelry, I can't recommend Tejani enough!

Now we're out in the country, spending a relaxing few days away.  Sleeping in...

and perusing through vintage family photos...

Grandfather, Grandmother, Great Aunt, Great Uncle, April 12th, 1947-- yes, my aunt and uncle are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary tomorrow!!

My Great Aunt Dorothy-- 6 months old in 1924.

And finally, I'm long over-due for an outfit post, so I'll share some version of what I've been wearing for days: my favorite new skirt!  This guy has been paired with blazers, sweaters, t-shirts, and finally a white oxford.  Yes, I'm still wearing boots, because it was snowing today (ugh). 
Boots: Macys
Earrings: Loft
Skirt: H&M


  1. Ooooh super cute outfit!


  2. I am loving the h&m skirt :)

  3. You look amazing in this outfit! I love that skirt so much.  Thank you for sharing all the pics of your vacation.  I am super jealous that you were so close to Ricky Martin!  :)

    Dossome :)

  4. Will you show us a pic of the earrings you got for your wedding? Pretty please?

    Also, I can't believe Great Aunt Dorothy didn't topple off that horse!

  5. Hi Kathy, I'd love to share my earring decision on here.. I'll put a post together soon!  And my family had such a great laugh about the pony picture.  My aunt has such a fun and silly personality, so it's a very suiting picture.

  6. great photos! I would love it if we followed each other. I'll be following you through GFC!