Monday, April 30

Wedding Planning: 17 Weeks to Go

Remember back in January when I gave you a little peak at my wedding to-do list?  Well, the weeks have passed, and progress has been made.  For those of you out there who have already survived the wedding planning process, you can probably sympathize that the to-do list never seems to shrink.  In fact, it feels like it's constantly growing.

Lately, my lack of blogging has been caused (in part) by many wedding-related distractions.  We're not exactly busy planning our big day at every waking moment, but I still manage to spend the majority of my internet time agonizing over the most important things in life such as flowers and linens and bridal shoes.... even song selections have taken over my brain.

So, if you in the mood for an update (if not.. bear with me, I'm making this list mostly to remind myself that some things have been accomplished), here's a partial list of what's keeping me busy:

  • Venue
  • Musicians
  • Florist
  • Cakes
  • Rings
  • Menu
  • Bridal Jewelry
  • Booking Honeymoon (We're going to Bermuda!)
  • Photographer
  • Erik's suit & suits for groomsmen
  • Finalizing invitations
  • Deciding on photobooth options 
  • Uplighting
  • Veil
  • Shoes
  • Rehearsal dinner outfit
  • Post reception outfit
  • Bridesmaids dresses (3 different dresses for 3 different girls makes this too complicated)
  • Choosing flowers
  • Finalizing bar items (the venue's sangria will be our signature drink!)
  • Choosing table linens
  • Purchasing lanterns for reception
  • Favors and Gifts
  • Finalizing everything ceremony-related (vows, songs, etc.)
  • And finally, completing a major list of do-it-yourself projects including luminaries, a cupcake stand, family photo display, card table, escort cards, flower containers, outdoor sign, etc.

As our decisions become smaller, I'm having a much more difficult time.  The venue/food/music choices were simple for us, but I can't believe how hard it is for me to decide how the reception tables should look.  And if you think I'm being dramatic, just take a look at my ridiculous number of pins on Pinterest!  I'm actually seriously considering blogging about my wedding plans a bit more just so that I can keep a more accurate record of my ideas and things that need to be done.

I will leave you today with a few photos that have provided major inspiration for all of my planning so far:


  1. flats to flip flopsMay 1, 2012 at 10:23 AM

    Oh..if only I could do my wedding over..I have such a better sense of what I like now, then back then! A little love love for you on my blog today!

  2. I agree about wishing I could do my wedding over. I'd actually simplify it if I could. I wish you luck working on all of the details. Try not to drive yourself crazy in the process!

    And I'd love for you to blog more about your plans. Just cause I've been married 20 years doesn't mean I can live vicariously through you..

    Good luck!

  3. Oh how fun!!! Good luck on everything. I love your blog.  I think we should follow each other -