Tuesday, July 9

Master Bedroom Makeover

Hello world!  I'm back?  Maybe?  So I have major blog commitment phobia and I just can't decide what to do about it.  I haven't posted a thing in almost 4 months, and I think about this blog constantly.  Every day I routinely read so many well-written, well-planned blogs, that I feel overwhelmed and annoyed with myself for not being able to produce great content.  One day I'm convinced that I'm finished with this blog and the next, I'm making mental notes about all of the things I want to share.  The ultimate problem is that life just keeps moving forward and I don't always make it a priority to sit down and reflect on those moments.  I don't want to give that up, but I certainly can't keep it up on a daily basis.  So for now, I do think I'm ready to start posting again.  Outfit posts may be far more scarce, admittedly because I have been focusing on my new home rather than my wardrobe.

So enough talk about my lame internal struggles.  Let's get down to business.  I finally finished decorating our master bedroom so I have some great before and after photos to share.  Here is some quick background.  After renting an apartment for several years, my husband and I purchased our first home this past February.  It's a 5 bedroom colonial in the same town in which we've been living (we love it here in Collingswood).  The house was built in 1905, but was fully renovated just before we made the purchase.  And because this house has become my new favorite hobby, I'm planning to share several other projects that I've completed.  But for now, the master bedroom is the first room to be completely finished.



Choosing to use dressers in place of traditional night stands gave us a lot more storage, which we desperately needed.  The bold lampshades are my favorite part of the room, and add just the perfect amount of color to this very neutral space.  The only aesthetic thing I'd like to change (but won't) is the ceiling fan.  I'd love to have a bold chandelier in this space, but the function of the fan has proven to be more important than its looks.

Lamps and Shades, Accent Pillow: Target
Curtains: JCP

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