Tuesday, May 10

Everybody Everywhere: Florals

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

Today is Floral Day over at Everybody Everywear!  I love florals, so when I looked through my closet last night, I was actually shocked to find out that my only other item of clothing that has a floral print was actually worn last week.

I'd love to pretend that this dress came right out of my grandmother's closet (because it looks like it should have), but in reality, I snagged it from a vintage clothing store in Philly a few summers ago.  I don't have too many vintage pieces, but I love them sooo much.  

Old zippers, old seams......old floral print, for sure!

{Dress: Vintage // Sweater: H&M // 
Earrings: Target // Sandals: BC Footwear}

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