Monday, May 9

An Old Sole

My favorite pair of boots had seen better days, and so I knew that a trip to the shoe doctor was necessary.  Luckily, our neighboring town has an amazing cobbler who has been repairing shoes for longer than my parents have been alive!  (no kidding!)  I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this place... isn't it the cutest?!

Needless to say, the shoe doctor really fixed up my boots, and they're completely ready for next Fall!  Can you believe this was a $15 dollar repair?  

While I was in the shop, the cobbler told another customer that he has outlasted 5 other cobblers that were formerly in his town.  Why is this work so outdated?  Why are people not repairing their shoes... are they simply throwing them away?  I love the idea of supporting such a great small business, and I certainly love holding on to my favorite boots for many more years!

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