Saturday, January 21

Iced Over

Erik and I are a little strange when it comes to bad weather --we love it.  That might just go to show you how boring we are, but we really enjoy the unexpected.  For years, we've trekked around our town in blizzards, happily shoveling and playing with Browny in the piles of snow.  This past summer, we lived through our first hurricane, and ended up engaged by the end of the storm.  This winter, we've been disappointed to say the least.  Not. one. big. snow. yet.  Bummer.

So this morning we got our first few inches of the year, which was quickly covered by freezing rain.  Not exactly the blizzard we wanted, but we still managed to enjoy it.  

First on the agenda, sleeping in with this handsome fella.  That's right, ladies, check out those fabulous white eyelashes:

Next, I talked Erik in getting a pedicure with me.  (I just love embarrassing him over the internet.)  And afterwards, lunch in town.  

We've officially moved on to the movie marathon/chili-making part of our day.  (So far, a little bit of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some Bronx Tale, and now Scarface.)  And I'm looking forward to trying a new dessert later tonight (found here).

To the rest of the east coast, hope you're able to get some enjoyment out of the weather!

Coat: Hand-me-down from Aunt, Steve by Searle
Boots: Steve Madden
Red Bag: H&M
Leggings: Gap

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  1. i'm with ya on the crazy weather...i love it!