Wednesday, December 21

My Jerry Garcia Sweater

When I came home with this sweater, Erik laughed at me.  Then he stared for a bit, and told me that I was dressed like Jerry Garcia.  Some people would take offense to that, but I don't mind.  And knowing Erik's (former) hippy self, he definitely meant it as a compliment.

So here is how I wore the sweater this past weekend.  The truth is, I'm also wearing it right now.  Only, I can't show you my Jerry Garcia sweater on a Wednesday night.  Because on a weeknight this sweater isn't paired with a dress, or heels, or jewelry.  

It's paired with sweet, beautiful, plaid pajama bottoms and my favorite fluffy slippers.

Tights: DSW
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Audrey Brooke, via DSW
Sweater & Bag: Ecote via Urban Outfitters


  1. This is an amazing sweater!! Dani totally sent me this link, I love your blog!!!

  2. oh thank you! i am so guilty of practically living in this thing... it's been one of my favorite sweaters this winter.

  3. I have this same sweater! My brother got it for me for Christmas and my outfit post for it is one of my favorites! Best.sweater.ever.