Wednesday, August 3

Arm Party

I'm pretty excited about stacking a ton of my favorite bracelets on my arm today.  I'm sharing my blog with Pretty Shiny Sparkly's Arm Party, so I had to go with my favorites which include some colored pearls from my momma, a thrifted gold snake, and my favorite Michael Kors watch.

Earlier this week I actually went through all of my jewelry, reorganized my things, and picked out a few items to consign.  My bracelet collection is clearly out of hand, but most of these items are either quite cheap or were gifted to me.  Some of my favorite pieces include some Ross Simons bracelets from my aunt, my grandmother's old watch, and my mother's wooden bangles... it's always great when a piece of jewelry can be associated with a person or a place you've visited!

In my attempt at better organization, I kept my bracelet collection united in one large tray that I bought from a flea market.  The rest of my jewelry went in an armoire.  How do you organize your jewelry... and does it work well for you?

Belt: Gap
Dress: H&M
Wedges: Payless
Watch: Michael Kors
Snake Bracelet: Thrifted

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