Tuesday, August 2

Beautiful Flavors

Today was a feast!  I have two lovely co-workers who happen to be sisters-in-law.  They were kind enough to have another co-worker and myself over for lunch today so we could learn how to make rice and beans their way (something I've been wanting to do for a while)!  They are from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, but today we cooked a very traditional Dominican meal.  This visit was based around me learning a thing or two about how she makes her yummy rice and beans, which is different from other Latinos' way of making it.

In soaking the beans, we added garlic, onion, culantro, tomato paste, squash, cilantro, some white vinegar, and bouillon.  After cooking down the beans for a while in this soup, we blended some of the squash to create a thicker sauce for the beans, and just before serving it, took out the large pieces of culantro that sat in the pot.  Her rice and concon were perfect, and she also made us some fried plantains, which are sooo yummy!  I didn't eat the baked chicken they made, but I did get to end the meal with some tres leches cake and Dominican coffee.  Ahhhh, I'm still full!

Do I have any readers out there who are Dominican, or at least familiar with this way of making rice and beans?  I can't wait to attempt to make it on my own, I'm fascinated by the beautiful flavors in these foods!


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