Friday, March 25

Basement Jams

I'm happy it's Friday night, but I'm also disappointed that my current cup of coffee isn't enough caffeine to inspire me to celebrate.  I'm currently listening to several boys play music in my basement.  It reminds me of college... unlike this outfit.  Do you ever think about how drastically your style has changed throughout your years?  In my former (college) life, hearing live music coming from a basement typically meant I was paying some dirty punk kid 3 bucks to get into the door, and it definitely meant a difference in my own style.  I was wearing men's Dickies from Goodwill and a Hot Water Music t-shirt throughout most of those years.  Now I'm high heels and feeling sleepy on a Friday night. What is happeningggg to meeeee?

I'm going to go hang out in this basement to reinvigorate myself... then I'm going to come upstairs and dig out my Converse from the back of the closet.


Sweater & Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft // Shirt: H&M // 
Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Earrings: H&M circa 2003

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