Tuesday, March 15

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

I came home to a sweet little surprise today!  Style [According to Me] and Forever Miss Vanity chose me as one of their blog winners!  Thanks so much for passing along this award, ladies!  Now the rules are: I must first link back to the bloggers who recognized me (thanks, Style [According to Me] and Forever Miss Vanity!), state 7 facts about myself and pass this along to 7 bloggers.  I'm going to follow Mary Louise's lead, and stick to the magic number 3... choosing 3 blogs that I have truly enjoyed reading for the past few weeks.

My 3 facts:
1.  I grew up in rural coal country, but now I'm a true suburbanite
2.  I did my undergrad in bassoon performance before becoming a teacher
3.  My dog is my bff, for sure

And my 3 blog winners:
1.  The Daily Fashionista
2.  A Day in the Life Too
3.  Daisy Dayz

It's such an honor to be noticed by other bloggers, so thanks so much for thinking of me!

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