Tuesday, March 8

Day 30!

Blazer with FAUX Fur Accessory: Ann Taylor Loft // 
Jeans: Gap // Shirt: H&M

Don't worry PETA, ASPCA, and my dear 2 pets, the fur is totally FAKE!  Buying this blazer was the first time in my adult life that I ever owned some fake fur.  When I made this purchase I thought it was a really fun piece, and loved that the fur wrap is detachable (as you have seen from previous photos).  Nevertheless, I find my self becoming completely self conscious about wearing this thing in public.  I can't stand that people are looking and judging.... and they don't even realize that I am a vegetarian!!  Does anyone else out there feel that way about wearing (faux) fur?

Anyway, it's a crime that I'm not wearing some serious high heels with this outfit, but that's I get for making the major 30 for 30 commitment.  Thank goodness I'm finished!

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