Saturday, March 26

Three Potato Four

Last night, I found out about Three Potato Four from a local news website.  Within minutes, I knew that I had to visit this place immediately.  So today, I googled mapped my way to Manayunk, a Philadelphia neighborhood, and already had a purchase in mind thanks to the store's fabulous website.

For several months, I have been searching for the perfect old piece of furniture to serve as a bar cart in our dining room.  I wanted something beat up and unconventional, and something that would be versatile enough for me to use in a variety of ways in the future.  Sure enough, I found this old green industrial cart that had been renewed with some reclaimed wood.  Fortunately for me, the piece was still at the store this morning and I knew it was perfect once I saw it in person!  Yes it's a industrial... for a dining room, but I'm thinking of repainting it.  I just have no idea what color I want it to be, so it'll probably sit here like this for a while:

I think that it's perfect for a bar cart now, but I can also imagine using it as a storage cart in my kitchen, or a garden cart for the porch!

My other fun finds include this old Kraft American cheese box, a sugar mold (which has now become a perfect addition to my desk), a book of Gospel songs from 1902, and 3 skeleton keys.  Overall, a fun day at Three Potato Four, please give them a visit if you live in the Philly area!

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