Thursday, March 10

Quorn Chicken Enchiladas

Today was rainy and miserable, and after a long week, I knew I needed some serious comfort food.  This is one of our favorite meals... which is just a little twist on a Campbell's soup recipe from their website.

Because we are a no-meat household, I use Quorn chicken, which is so seriously yummy, some non-vegetarians that I know still enjoy eating it.  

To start, I cook down some onion and chili powder, then add the Quorn chicken and a can of green chilies.

Next, I mix a can of Campbell's cream of celery soup (the original recipe calls for cream of chicken) and a 1/2 cup of sour cream.  This mixture is for the top of the enchiladas, but use a few tablespoons of it to hold together the chicken mixture.

Put the mixture into small flour tortillas, and roll 'em up!

Top these beauties with the sour cream/soup mixture and a ton of shredded cheese.  After 20 minutes in the oven, they're ready to party!  (Note: do not be deceived by this seemingly healthy plate of veggies.  We devoured several of the cheesy enchilada goodies!)

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