Tuesday, March 1

Day 20

Shirt & Pants: H&M // Necklace: F21 // Belt: Gap

I pulled the ol' switcheroo! This shirt wasn't in the original 30 pieces I picked, but I denied another sweater's hopes and dreams and decided to add this plaid number to the mix.  This is one of my favorite button-down shirts, not only because the colors are great, but the softness is perfect for when you hate the whole world on a Tuesday morning...


  1. love that plaid...great how you styled it with that cool necklace. I had to swap out a few pieces that I ah not worn yet also...

  2. thanks! doing this challenge for the first time, i had so many reservations about what pieces to pick. luckily, i had one unworn sweater that wasn't as versatile as this plaid shirt, so i made the switch last week. more plaid pics to come!

  3. great mix! love necklace and shirt!