Monday, December 12

Hot Dog, Smart Dog?

I'm starting to think that Pajama Mondays should become a legitimate theme on this blog, because it's certainly a theme in my real life.  I found the perfect sweater this weekend at H&M.  It's super thick wool with a fuzzy inside and faux fur collar.... yessss!  This was my Christmas shopping distraction, for sure.

On another note, I was running super late this morning because of my big furball, Browny.  Last week, the vet told us that my dog has bronchitis or asthma, according to his chest x-ray.  We've had to give him pills 3x each day, and it's pure torture!  

My doggy is one smart old man, and no matter how much begging/pleading/bribing goes into it, I can't trick him into eating these pills.  The closest I've come to success involves feeding him bits of hot dog with the pills hidden inside... but more often than not, he schools me.

He takes the hotdog.  Then he waits.  Then chews, then waits some more.  Then he spits it.  Then he gobbles up the hot dog (sans pill) and laughs at my sick attempt to feed him pharmaceuticals.

Oh this trickery... Somebody out there help me!  My dog is outsmarting me!

Oxfords: Urban Outfitters
Sweater & Pants: H&M
Earrings: Macy's
T-shirt: Gap

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