Monday, December 19

A Mall of Compliments

When I left for the mall on Saturday afternoon, I opted out of blogging this outfit because... well, I've worn this dress to death and I was feeling a little bored of my go-to boots/tights/dress combo.  Maybe it's just because everyone was filled with extra Christmas spirit and in the mood to talk to strangers, but I had several compliments come my way about this outfit.  What had me really taken aback was the nice girl in Loft who asked if I was a blogger!  Haha.. that's a first!  I was super embarrassed, but so incredibly flattered. 

So here is my Saturday shopping outfit, photographed in a dressing room. (So classy.)

Dress, Wrap Sweater and Scarf: H&M
Tights: DSW
Boots: Macy's

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