Thursday, July 21

Everybody Everywear: Thrifting

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I "thrifted" this vintage shirt several years ago, and I'm ashamed that I don't wear it more often.  It is really beautifully made.  All of the flowers are meticulously sewn, and the scalloped sleeves and neckline are adorable.

Now let's discuss this skirt, which was purchased new, but is also rarely worn.  I bought this skirt from a J.Crew outlet in the early Spring, only to realize that my legs were the same color as the skirt. (ewwwwww!)  So, other than wearing it with tights (not happening in this 100+ degree weather), I had to wait for some tan legs.  And trust me, my Eastern European genes don't like to tan.

Wooden & Gold Bracelets: Vintage (thanks Mom!)
Top: Thrifted from shop in Philly
Skirt: J.Crew Outlet
Wedges: Old Navy

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