Wednesday, July 20

Lesson Learned

This has been the hottest, stickiest, grossest week of summer yet.  Yesterday morning B and I took a walk around a local park.  We got half-way around the long circle, and B decided that he was too hot and tired to continue.  My poor old man (yes, I'm talking about my dog) was so hot, the other people at the park thought I was crazy for profusely apologizing to him.  (Yes, I had mom-guilt.)  We ended up stopping several times for water and taking well over an hour to complete the 3 miles. 

I've certainly learned my lesson about not taking Brown out into the heat anymore.  I've also learned that talking to your dog (while in public) should be kept to a minimum. 


Purple Shorts: Gap
Coral Top: H&M (old)
Straw Bag: Birthday Gift from J.Crew
Mother of Pearl Sailboat Necklace: Thrifted
Sandals: from Macy's (so over-worn that I can't read the brand)

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