Monday, July 11

Homeward Bound

Yesterday included a hectic morning of packing up and heading off of the Outer Banks, and if you have ever been to OBX before, you know that traffic madness is inevitable unless you're out of there bright and early.

My drive home was about 7 hours, and any time I have a long car ride, I pick out the comfiest outfit possible.  Some people would think that a skirt doesn't offer comfort, but I love them more than shorts!  I also had to break out my favorite sweater (again!)... just because.

What are you favorite road-trip clothes?  

Psst.. I've been wearing this skirt and sweater a lot lately, in case you haven't noticed!

(Sweater & Skirt: Loft // Tank: Gap // Sandals: UO // Bracelet: The Cotton Gin)

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