Friday, July 29

Polka Dot, Polka Dance

Even though this is not an old shirt, and it carries no sentimental value, I think of my grandmother when I stare at these photos.  I think about how she would approve of this shirt-- it's modest, yet cute and feminine.  It also makes me think about the ribbon she would always tie in my hair.  She told me that I should always wear that ribbon because it would make my hair curl under naturally.  It never actually worked, but even as a little girl, I think I really enjoyed that old-fashioned part of her.  

My grandmother was much older than my friends' grandmothers; she was born in 1916.  Her wedding dress was actually a polka dot dress, so maybe that's why these dots have made me so nostalgic.  Or, perhaps it was all the polkas we used to dance.  Family weddings?  Polka time on the dance floor.  It was the only time I ever saw her dance, but boy she sure knew how to polka!

It's so unexpected, silly even, to think that some print on a shirt could bring up so many wonderful memories.  Do you wear anything that reminds you of someone special?

Blouse: H&M
Watch: Fossil
Bracelet: Loft
Shorts & Sandals: Gap

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